Moritake Industries EVE Online Corp

Moritake Industries is a leader in all aspects of commerce.

MOTKI is a growing corporation headquartered in Domain. Industry leaders in manufacturing, research, trade, software, and logistics, Moritake Industries is capable of delivering effective solutions to all of your commerce needs.


Moritake Industries is a leading manufacturer of faction warfare fits and tech II ships and equipment.


Moritake Industries specializes in cutting edge software technologies custom tailored for your needs.

Public Services

The team at MOTKI is proud to provide two relatively new freeport stations in the Kamela system. Freeport Lovich and a sister refinery called So Refine are public outposts with facilities including refining, manufacturing, research, invention, and moongoo reactions.

Service Kamela - Freeport Lovich Kamela - So Refine
Docking, tethering, repair FREE FREE
Corporate offices FREE FREE
Medical and jump clones FREE
Manufacturing 0.1% base fee
T2 Component Bonus (-4.8% Mat. requirement)
Blueprint Research 0.1% base fee FREE
ME Research Time Bonus (-58.8% duration)
Invention 0.1% base fee
Time Efficiency Bonus (-58.8% duration)
Refining 0.1% base fee
Ore Reprocessing (69.5% base efficiency)
Ice Reprocessing (69.5% base efficiency)
Reactions 0.2% base fee
Composite Reactions (-2.0% Mat. requirement)
* Bonuses listed exclude your character's skills.

Moritake Industries takes pride in maintaining a valuable hub for the region. We are committed to ensuring that all pilots with any affiliation are welcome at Freeport Lovich and So Refine.

Visit us in Kamela today!

Need doctrine manufacturers?

Moritake Industries is a proven manufacturer and sourcer of tech II small ships, modules, ammo, and drones.

MOTKI can deliver fitted doctrine ships on time and for a very competitive cost.

Contact a MOTKI representative today!

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