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Moritake Industries expands operations to Heimatar

AUGA — SEP 9, YC119 — Moritake Industries [MOTKI] today announced several expansions with the most notable the opening of a storefront in Heimatar.

"Moritake Industries has provided these war-stricken areas with vital commerce; with medical supplies and food," said Takeshi Gorou, a Moritake Industries representative. "And now, MOTKI can move these goods efficiently into Heimatar, providing low-cost solutions for those who were often at the mercy of enemy factions."

Moritake Industries maintains a neutral, if not somewhat difficult, relationship with both Amarr and the Minmatar, in what, it says, is a new and hopeful standard of relations between the two opposing factions.

Moritake Industries, founded in May YC119, is registered in Domain and licensed to operate in The Bleak Lands, Domain, and Heimatar.

Moritake Industries opens public station in Kamela

KAMELA — JUN 28, YC119 — Moritake Industries [MOTKI] has announced the opening of a new freeport in the warzone system of Kamela. According to MOTKI, the station provides valuable new opportunities to the struggling region.

"MOTKI has never been one to profit from war, and we want to instead provide opportunity to those who are forced to live in a seemingly forever-fraught warzone," said Veonik Moritake, CEO of Moritake Industries. "Kamela is widely known as a busy warzone, so we think establishing business here will provide immense value for us and, we hope, immense value to the locals."

Freeport Lovich, the new Azbel online in Kamela, contains facilities for many different entrepreneurial pursuits, including free cloning, corporate offices, and repair. In addition, paid services such as market orders, manufacturing, research, and invention are available with a base fee 0.1%.

Moritake Industries recently established headquarters in the region of Domain, with The Bleak Lands being a clear next target. MOTKI has contracts with many local corporations including Ducia Foundry and Viziam, and is an active member of the Kamela Governing Council.

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